Tighty Whitey


A name you can’t forget and a swim jig you won’t want to be without. Bakewell Custom Jigs proudly introduces this freshwater jig, blending a touch of humor with serious fishing performance…

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A name you can’t forget and a swim jig you won’t want to be without. Bakewell Custom Jigs proudly introduces The Tighty Whitey, a freshwater jig blends a touch of humor with serious fishing performance.

Why Choose The Tighty Whitey Jig

The ‘Tighty Whitey’ features a bright white head and weed guard, matched with equally vivid white skirting. The skirting is further enhanced with pink iridescent highlights, creating a visually stunning display that’s as effective as eye-catching.

Superior Craftsmanship: As with all Bakewell Custom Jigs, the ‘Tighty Whitey’ is meticulously hand-tied, ensuring that each jig is built with precision and durability in mind. This attention to detail means that your jig not only looks fantastic but also withstands the rigors of intense fishing.

Whether you choose the 3/8 oz. head for shallow waters or the 1/2 oz. for deeper ventures, this jig is designed for versatility. Its balanced weight ensures an enticing swim action that mimics the natural movement of prey, appealing to big fish in various settings.

How The Tighty Whitey Performs

Weedless Performance: Navigate with confidence in areas with dense cover. The robust weed guard ensures you can cast into tight spots without worrying about snags, enhancing your chances of landing the big one.

Irresistible to Big Fish: The combination of the bright white color and the subtle pink iridescent highlights makes the ‘Tighty Whitey’ irresistible to bass and other large fish. This swim jig is designed to attract attention and provoke aggressive strikes.

A Humorous Twist with Serious Results: While the name ‘Tighty Whitey’ might bring a smile, its performance in the water is no joke. This swim jig is a serious tool for anglers looking to up their game and land impressive catches.

Add this jig to your tackle box for fun and top-tier fishing performance. It’s more than just a lure; it’s a conversation starter that delivers results, ensuring your fishing trips are enjoyable and successful.

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1/2 oz. Swim Jig, 3/8 oz. Swim Jig