The Unicorn


Cast into the realm of extraordinary with ‘The Unicorn’ spinnerbait. Inspired by the enchanting performance of the ‘Iridescent Izzy’ swim jig, this lure brings a touch of the mythical to your tackle box with its exceptional design and captivating action.

This spinnerbait is a fusion of mesmerizing aesthetics and unmatched functionality, designed to attract and conquer.


Experience the exceptional with ‘The Unicorn,’ a standout spinnerbait in the Bakewell Custom Jigs lineup, inspired by the proven performance of the ‘Iridescent Izzy’ swim jig. This unique lure combines advanced design features with practical effectiveness, making it a must-have for serious anglers targeting big bass.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, the ‘The Unicorn’ spinnerbait is a must-have in your arsenal. Its striking appearance, derived from the proven ‘Iridescent Izzy,’ combined with its enhanced functionality, makes it a top choice for anyone serious about upping their fishing game. Cast it into the water, and watch the magic happen as it turns a regular fishing day into an extraordinary outing.

Optimized Performance

The Unicorn’ is engineered to offer exceptional vibration and action in the water, drawing aggressive strikes from predatory fish. The carefully balanced weight ensures smooth casting and retrieval, allowing for precision placement in cover-heavy or open water scenarios.

Sophisticated Design

Available in 1/2 oz and 3/4 oz weights, ‘The Unicorn’ boasts an eye-catching color palette with iridescent highlights that reflect light brilliantly, mimicking the natural shimmer of baitfish. Its skirting is meticulously hand-tied, ensuring both visual appeal and functional durability in various aquatic environments.

Lasting Charm

Hand-tied with meticulous care, the skirting on ‘The Unicorn’ not only possesses an otherworldly beauty but is also built to endure countless casts and ferocious strikes. This spinnerbait is a robust addition to any angler’s arsenal, promising enduring attractiveness and effectiveness.

Each component is selected for its durability and ability to withstand the rigors of continuous casting and the brutal strikes of aggressive fish.

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1/2 oz. Spinnerbait, 3/4 oz. Spinnerbait