Super Swimmer


Take your fishing to the next level with the Bruiser Baits Super Swimmer, meticulously designed to complement your favorite Bakewell Custom Jig. This 4.75” swimbait is not just versatile; it’s a game-changer, capable of being fished in virtually any condition and through any type of cover due to its streamlined torpedo shape and built-in weedlessness.

(5 count – Regular Bag)


The Super Swimmer is the ideal companion for your Bakewell Custom Jig

Upgrade your Bake Custom Jigs with the Bruiser Baits’ Super Swimmer, expertly selected to pair perfectly with your favorite BCJ jig. This dynamic soft bait adds an irresistible action and enhanced visual appeal that bass can’t ignore, making it an essential addition for any serious angler.

Engineered for Excellence

The Super Swimmer’s unique design features a hook slot in the belly for easy rigging and enhanced hookup ratios, while its tail—shaped like a Colorado blade—emits strong vibrations that fish can detect from a distance. This combination of stealth and stimulus makes it irresistible to bass, whether you’re fishing it fast on the surface or slow at deeper levels.

Versatile Use

We have carefully selected each color of the Super Swimmer to match our range of Bakewell Custom Jigs lures. These strategic pairings are designed to enhance both visual appeal and underwater action, making each cast more effective than the last.

Bag Details

Each package contains 5 high-quality Bruiser Baits Super Swimmers, priced at only $4.99. This makes it easy to stock up on the best colors to match your jig selection, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever the water conditions might bring.

Make the most of this versatile, high-performance soft bait and see how it transforms your Bakewell jig into an even more potent bass-catching machine. Whether you’re navigating thick cover or open water, the Bruiser Baits Super Swimmer paired with a Bakewell Custom Jig is your ticket to a successful day on the water. Stock up now and experience the thrill of landing big bass with this unbeatable combination!

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