Lil’ Prophitt


Bakewell Custom Jigs proudly presents this special lure, conceptualized by a 6-year-old junior angler, embodying the innocence and creativity of a child’s imagination. This swim jig is so brightly colored, it’s hard to miss even in the murkiest waters.


‘The Lil’ Prophit’ swim jig is as vibrant and inspiring as its young designer. Conceptualized by a 6-year-old junior angler, this custom swim jig embodies the innocence and creativity of a child’s imagination.

Why Choose The Lil’ Prophitt Jig

The Lil’ Prophitt stands out with a 3/8 oz. bright white head and weed guard, complemented by a vivid, multi-color skirting. This swim jig is so brightly colored it’s hard to miss, even in the murkiest waters. This custom jig is a testament to the creativity and passion that fishing inspires at every age.

Each Lil’ Prophitt jig is handcrafted with precision and care, staying true to the original design envisioned by its young creator. The quality and durability that Bakewell Custom Jigs is known for are evident in every stitch and tie of this unique lure.

Designed to be eye-catching, the Lil’ Prophitt’s bright and multi-colored skirting creates an enticing display underwater, perfect for attracting those big fish, especially in conditions where extra visibility is key.

Craftsmanship with a Cause

In honor of its junior designer, Bakewell Custom Jigs will donate $1.00 from every Lil’ Prophitt sold to support Junior Angler clubs and tournaments. This initiative will help foster the love of fishing in the next generation, ensuring the sport continues to thrive.

More Than Just a Jig: The Lil’ Prophitt isn’t just a high-performing fishing lure; it’s a symbol of youthful enthusiasm and the potential of future anglers. It represents the joy and wonder of fishing as seen through the eyes of a child, making it a must-have in your tacklebox for its effectiveness, story, and impact.

Embark on your next fishing outing with the Lil’ Prophitt in hand, and feel the joy it brings to the water. It’s a jig that catches fish and kindles spirits, bridging generations of anglers.


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3/8 oz. Swim Jig