Dirty Water Juice


Introducing the groundbreaking ‘Dirty Water Juice’ Spinnerbait from Bakewell Custom Jigs, a revolution in murky water fishing. This meticulously handcrafted spinnerbait is engineered to dominate in less-than-clear conditions, where visibility is low but the potential for big catches is high.


The ‘Dirty Water Juice’ features a vibrant chartreuse head, expertly paired with a dual-tone skirt of chartreuse and white, designed to offer an irresistible flash and movement that grabs attention in turbid waters. The heart of its design lies in the 3/4oz head with the #5 Colorado blade, known for its thumping vibration and unparalleled water displacement, making it a beacon for bass in concealed environments.

Bakewell Hand-Assembly

Every aspect of the ‘Dirty Water Juice’ Spinnerbait has been hand-assembled and scrutinized to ensure it meets the high standards for which Bakewell Custom Jigs is known. This spinnerbait isn’t just a lure; it results from passion and precision, embodying the essence of expert angling craftsmanship.

Whether you’re casting into murky river currents or dimly lit lake corners, the ‘Dirty Water Juice’ is your secret weapon to lure in those elusive giants. With its distinctive appearance, captivating action, and the Bakewell seal of quality, this spinnerbait is set to become an indispensable ally in your quest for the catch of a lifetime.

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1/2 oz. Swim Jig, 3/8 oz. Swim Jig