Crazy Craw


Experience the unmatched action of the Crazy Craw swim bait by Bruiser Baits, designed to excel in a variety of fishing conditions. With it distinctive thumping action and arms that flap, this swim bait brings a dynamic edge to your bass fishing tactics, ensuring you attract and catch the big ones.

(7 count – Regular Bag)


The Crazy Craw is the perfect match for your Bakewell Custom Jigs

Elevate your fishing game with the Crazy Craw swim bait, a versatile and dynamic choice expertly paired with Bakewell Custom Jigs. Known for its thumping action and unmatched arm movement, the Crazy Craw by Bruiser Baits enhances any fishing experience, making it a staple for anglers targeting big bass.

Dynamic Action and Design

The Crazy Craw features a solid 4-inch body that excels in a variety of fishing techniques. Whether flipping, pitching, or punching through dense cover, this bait performs exceptionally, thanks to its robust construction. Its unique arms produce a flapping motion at any speed, setting it apart from other craw baits on the market. This lively action is highly effective whether the bait is falling through the water column or swimming at any depth.

Perfect Pairings

Bakewell Custom Jigs has carefully selected the Crazy Craw as the ideal companion to their lures, creating irresistible combinations that big bass cannot ignore. When paired together, the precision of Bakewell Jigs and the lively action of the Crazy Craw form a formidable duo that enhances lure visibility and attractiveness, increasing your success rates significantly.

Bag Details

Each package contains 7 Crazy Craw baits, offering exceptional value and quality, ensuring you have enough ammo to last through multiple successful fishing trips.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, integrating the Crazy Craw swim bait with a Bakewell Custom Jig is sure to revolutionize your approach. This powerful combo is designed not just to attract but to catch big bass, providing you with both action and results. Gear up with this top-tier bait and jig combination and prepare to be amazed by the catches that follow.

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