BCJ Coleslaw


With its unique skirting of white and zesty lime green, accented with iridescent highlights, this deliciously tempting swim jig is sure to become the ‘main course’ in your tackle box. This lure is not just a feast for the eyes; it’s a proven big bass attractor, making it an irresistible choice for anglers looking to land the catch of the day.

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Feast your eyes on the ‘BCJ Coleslaw’ – a uniquely crafted swim jig from the renowned Bakewell Custom Jigs lineup. This lure is available in the versatile 3/8 and the deeper-diving 1/2 oz. sizes, is not just a tool for fishing; it’s a work of art designed to captivate and catch.

How The BCJ Coleslaw Jig Stands Out

The BCJ Coleslaw features a lustrous pearl white head and weed guard, creating a sleek and eye-catching appearance. Its skirting is a tantalizing mix of white, enriched with vibrant lime green strands and subtle iridescent highlights, providing an enticing visual appeal under the water.

Masterful Craftsmanship: True to Bakewell Custom Jigs’ commitment to quality, each hand-tied jig is made precisely, ensuring beauty and durability. This meticulous construction process guarantees that the jig looks fantastic and withstands the challenges of persistent fishing.

Designed for optimized performance, the BCJ Coleslaw’s balanced weight ensures it moves through the water with an enticing action, mimicking natural prey to perfection. This lure is adept at triggering strikes from even the most elusive big bass.

Where To Use The BCJ Coleslaw

So, whether navigating shallow waters or exploring deeper zones, the this jig offers exceptional versatility. Its unique color combination is effective in various water conditions, making it a must-have jig in any angler’s collection.

Weedless Advantage: Glide through cover with ease. The BCJ Coleslaw’s well-designed weed guard allows for seamless fishing around vegetation and structures, minimizing snags and maximizing your chances of a successful catch.

With its distinctive look and proven performance, the BCJ Coleslaw is more than just a swim jig; it’s a ‘main course’ for big bass, ready to tantalize and satisfy the appetite of your target catch.

Add the BCJ Coleslaw to your fishing repertoire and experience exceptional design and unmatched fishing efficiency.

Get ready to serve up a big helping of bass with the ‘BCJ Coleslaw’ swim jig – it’s a recipe for success in any fishing expedition!

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1/2 oz. Swim Jig, 3/8 oz. Swim Jig