Design Your Own Jigs

Introducing Bakewell Custom Jigs – the ultimate choice for bass fishing enthusiasts who love swim jigging. Crafted precisely and designed for excellence, these custom-order swim jigs are unmatched in performance. Bakewell Custom Jigs outshine the competition with their unique shape and superior construction.

How To Place A Custom Order

Whether you’re an amateur angler looking for a unique experience or a seasoned pro eager for a new challenge, our custom jigs are your ticket to unforgettable fishing tales.

Tailored for you. Crafted with passion. Experience the Bakewell difference.

Describe Your Vision

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From concept to reality, there’s not much we aren’t capable of developing. As an example, the ‘Lil’ Prophitt swim jig originated from a concept drawing submitted by a 6 year old youth angler and the Bakewell team made it a reality.

How We Work

  • Express Yourself: With our bespoke jig skirting, choose from an array of vibrant colors to create a lure that mirrors your style or mimics the local prey, ensuring you always have the edge.
  • Perfect Weight, Perfect Catch: Customize the weight of the jig head to your exact requirements. Whether you’re skimming the shallows or plumbing the depths, find the balance that suits your fishing technique and the waters you navigate.
  • Make it Yours, Truly: Take pride in naming your creation. Your custom jig isn’t just a tool; it’s a statement, a reflection of your angling philosophy, and a testament to your passion for the sport.